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Office And Industrial

Our Office and Industrial Group have decades of experience in tight markets performing strategic facilities planning services for corporate, office and industrial space tenants. We have the benefit of current and historical market intelligence and trends through national research sources which allows decisions to be made and executed based on exact market conditions. From this perspective, we can maximize asset value for landlords, whether an institutional owner or private investor.

For tenants, whether small, mid-sized or regional corporate users, we can craft a facilities plan which responds to their real estate occupancy goals or, if necessary, we deal with unanticipated contingencies in a timely and efficient manner. We take advantage of sublease opportunities and other targets of opportunity for our office and industrial users.


"Location, Location, Location"...that’s only part of the story. We acknowledge that one square foot of land on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills can garner the same amount of money in today’s changing real estate market as five (5) tillable acres in New Mexico. Timing and understanding of the sub-markets allows us to provide valuable market information and assist our clients in making sound decisions with a clear view of anticipated value and land use.


Apartment assets have become an important component of many investors’ real estate portfolios and have been our core business from the beginning. We have assembled one of the most capable and aggressive teams of multi-family specialists who consistently meet our client’s objectives whether acquiring new assets or re-positioning owned assets for successful marketing assignments.

We cultivate relationships which serve our client’s investment interests, not just for today but for the recurring business that evolves quite naturally when you exceed client’s expectations under increasingly challenging and changing market conditions.

Our associates monitor their sub-markets and communicate on a daily basis with colleagues and competitors in order to have access to the best market intelligence to assist our client’s investment decisions. We take ‘the long-term view’ in evaluating what strategies will produce the results that our client base demands, while maximizing revenues and minimizing risks.


Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates provides advisory services to owners and buyers of hotel and resort properties. We serve investment owners of high value single asset properties, large hotel portfolios and unique resort assets that wish to discreetly market their properties. With an enviable client base of significant private equity funds and hospitality operators, we introduce your proposed transaction to the right sources with the ability to execute a prompt due diligence review and make timely decisions on a confidential basis to secure maximum return of your invested asset base.

Tenant Services

In order to attract and retain quality retail tenants for our landlords and investor-owners, we need to have access to the best tenants. In order to secure ‘the best tenants’, we need to translate client’s strategic marketing plans into viable and affordable location decisions. We have established a commanding market presence in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Brentwood whose retail corridors house the market makers and many legendary retailers, whether fabled European women’s fashion houses on Rodeo Drive or trendy design innovators on Melrose Avenue. We develop highly customized search programs that meet their needs to compete most effectively in an international retailer marketplace.

Special Property

Opportunities present themselves in changing real estate markets. Adaptive re-uses for existing properties occur. Things change. An innovative company may have a unique condition which calls for us to think “out-of-the-box” in order to respond to their client-specific requirements. These situations require an ability to analyze and respond in a timely and creative manner.

Our market awareness and current data allows us to exploit opportunities that others may walk by in their daily travels. Whether a retail strategy, an office subleasing, a condominium ownership solution for a medical professional, or a development opportunity to create value, this is where our collective experience shines on behalf of taking a problem-solving approach, guided by our client’s objectives.